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What’s the difference between a herd of cattle following a giant steer around a paddock and a flock of speculators investing in stocks close to promising copper discoveries?

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Lithium stocks woke with a jolt yesterday after the big American chemical maker Albemarle Corporation agreed to pay whopping $1.58 billion for a half-share in the Wodgina project of Mineral Resources, potentially leading to a significant re-rating of the broader new-energy sector.

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Discovery, corporate action and the return of an almost-forgotten commodity, potash, were the highlights of the Australian resource sector in what was downbeat week on almost every market in world.

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Despite multiple distractions, including US election fever, a spectacular derailment on BHP’s iron ore railway and a horse race in Melbourne, the recovery on the market reported here last week has continued

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It’s probably too early to signal an all-clear for investors in the resources sector, though it is worth noting that the past few days have seen a significant improvement

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Gold did exactly what it’s supposed to do this week - rose when everything else was falling

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Disruption is the order of the day on global financial markets, but rather than fear the changes which are angering investors, an investment bank has come up with a concept which could produce big wins from disruptive exploration and discovery.

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The sharp increase in US interest rates, coupled with trade war fears, triggered a whiff of panic in financial markets this week,

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